Mobile C-Arm X-ray Imaging System

The Novarex NT-20 mobile C-arm imaging system meets today’s increasing imaging demands by providing optimum image quality with minimum doses. This design aims to meet the requirements in the General surgery, Intensive care, Urology, Orthopedic, Emergency, Pain Management Procedures, Abdominal surgery, Thoracic, Vascular and neurosurgical procedures (with 12” solution).

The power of in NT-20 and NT-20 Pro varies from 3.5 up to 30 KW 
with 9” or 12” II, that enables a high X-ray tube output and thus allows precise fluoroscopy to be performed for large patients too. Advanced DSA (Digital subtraction) applications with DICOM package 
 are equipped also as standard configuration. External storage of image
Images can be stored on DVD/CD/USB storage devices.

Novarex NT-20 PRO with 12" Image Intensifier is an advanced configaration with higher specifications (5 KW to 30 KW x-ray generator), bigger physical apperance and advanced software. 

Some System features:

  • Powerful digital imaging system
  • Design that includes an entirely imaging system with advanced image quality
  • Cardiac capability with high power generator and 1k x 1k imaging technology
  • DSA, Roadmapping 
  • DICOM package interface
  • Flexible C-Arm movements
  • Mobile and easy handling
  • Movable trolley with high-resolution LCD monitors.
  • DVD/CD/USB with optional hard copy film or printer
  • Simple user interface

Technical specifications of NT-20 & NT-20 Pro are subjected to change according to tenders or special requests,.