Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripter (Electromagnetic)

Developed and designed and manufactured by Novamedtek to disintegrate renal and ureteral stones, the Novalith NT-10M features state-of-the-art technology in a compact design to deliver an exceptionally efficient and affordable lithotripsy system. The NT-10M provides the highest level of clinical results for both Urologist and patient.

The NT-10M  is an anesthesia-free Electromagnetic Lithotripter and, due to the large focal zone, the treatment time is reduced by minimizing the number of shocks needed in each treatment, thus making the system friendlier to the user in terms of exposure to radiation and better efficiency in electricity consumption. The magnetic head design gives the maximum comfort without the need of changing the head for at least 1.5 million shocks.

NT-10M is a proven cost-effective stone treatment equipment in the medical community. It is high-quality equipment with low maintenance costs. A highly effective equipment for the fragmentation of the upper urinary tract stones such as renal calyceal stones, renal pelvic stones, and upper ureteral stones. Some Features are:

  • Electromagnetic technology
  • Integrated or separated C-Arm and Treatment Table
  • Motorized Movable Reflector
  • Less X - Ray Exposure to operators
  • Anesthesia – free treatment
  • The easiest & shortest localization process
  • Ergonomic Design and Easy Operating

Technical specifications of NT-10M  are subjected to change according to tenders or special requests,.