C-Arm Operating Table


The stable, precise, quiet NT-70 is your ideal solution designed for urological and some gynecological operations.

The multi control unit ensures quick and safe tabletop positioning during any phase of a procedure. The hand & foot switch controlled unit can be positioned at all sides of the table and control buttons are identified with large icons.

The foot switch enables the adjustment of height, lateral roll, X-Y and trendelenburg movements away from the main panel, or when hands are busy with other functions. The radiolucent extension makes the NT-70 available for vascular, cardiac and other C-Arm applications.

Table Features

  • 150-160 cm fully radiolucent area
  • Five-axis motorized tabletop positioning
  • Smooth motorized movements
  • Accessory rails
  • Standard Urology C-Arm Table accessories


Tabletop: 220 x 60 cm

Tabletop Material: Fiber carbon


  • Height Adjustable              : ± 30 cm 
  • Longitudinal travel             : ± 20 cm
  • Transverse travel               : ±15 cm
  • Trendelenburg                   : 0º to 40º (optional up request)
  • Hand & Foot Control:           Activates all motorized motions
  • Patient Capacity                : up to 250 kg